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Serene has a passion for helping clients find the perfect fit for home, work, family life, and in making a sound financial investment.Serene joins Trig Realty Co with over 18 years of technology industries experience. Her background as a lecturer, programmer and SAP software consultant allows her to use her skills to research and find the perfect home for her clients. Serene is a volunteer with the Coalition for Queens Tech Meetup, which meets regularly in LIC to showcase startup companies and promote the neighborhood’s emerging tech industry. Serene is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, Malay and English.
Trig Realty Co
地产公司的地产经纪. 我们有高效率的房源系统;可以在最短时间内找到适合你的地区和房子. 现在是你投资纽约房地产的好机会. 无论是自住、出租或投资,请马上联络我,我能满足您的需求.
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Paul Trig

Director and Owner
With over 35 years of experience selling Manhattan real estate, Paul’s passion is working with users, investors and assemblers. Paul has worked with Helmsley Spear as well as Hertford Callen Rulland and Benjamin.

One of Paul’s greatest accomplishments was assembling the site for the Hotel Dumont. Paul also has extensive knowledge of air right sales. Over his extensive career, Paul has worked with several leading and well known developers and investors in New York City.

Paul has resided in Tudor City for over twenty five years and also enjoys visiting Las Olas in Florida. Sincere, warm, and dedicated,

Paul becomes a loyal friend to his faithful real estate customers. Paul enjoys Italian and French cuisine, visiting his relatives in Sicily and watching soccer.

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